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New Jersey Post Judgment Motion Lawyer

As a highly successful and a long-established Bergen County, New Jersey post judgment motion lawyer, I am highly qualified to help with the often complicated but not impossible process of negotiating changes to an existing property settlement agreement, or final judgment of divorce respecting changes that may be needed because of a change in circumstances. Especially in these troubled economic times, agreements, final judgments or orders may need to be modified to suit the needs of the parties and their children, either by a modification of alimony or support, an adjustment to a parenting time schedule, emancipation of a child, or an adjustment based upon a child's attendance at college to name a few. As a New Jersey post judgment motion attorney I bring 25 years of exerience to the table to help you decide if the time is right to seek modification, and then to get the right results for you.

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I have been practicing as a New Jersey post judgment motion attorney in New Jersey and New York since 1985, and have built up 25 years of experience as a Bergen County, New Jersey post judgment motion lawyer devoted to the area of family law.

New Jersey Post Judgment Motions

A post judgment motion is an application to the court for the modification of an existing final judgment, property settlement agreement or order respecting alimony, child support or other issues. Usually a post judgment motion is filed when one or both parties experience changes in circumstances that make the prior agreement or Judgment unfair or inequitable. Modifications can be made to earlier settlement agreements or court judgments for alimony payments, child support, or custody issues. Common changes involved are loss of a job, severe illness, relocation or remarriage of the supported spouse, emancipation or entry into college of a child.

As a seasoned New Jersey post judgment motion attorney, you can rely upon my decades of experience in family law to help you wade through the process of modifying an existing agreement, judgment or order. My experience as a leading NJ post judgment motion lawyer can help you reduce the time and legal expense involved in the restructuring of most prior settlements.

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