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As a New Jersey will attorney long-established in Bergen County, I provide nothing short of top-tier legal guidance on the preparation, execution and administration of wills and estate planning. Backed by 25 years of experience as a Hackensack, New Jersey legal will attorney, and with solid long-term estate planning my clients can rest assured that their loved ones will be well cared for after their passing.

Serving The Hackensack, Bergen and Passaic County, New Jersey Areas

As a highly regarded and experienced NJ legal will attorney, I can help you establish a plan for distribution of your assets to help reduce taxes imposed by the federal and state governments and minimize the pain and anguish associated with the potential for family infighting among relatives in cases where no clear direction has been made.

New Jersey Wills - the Whys and Wherefores

No one likes to face the inevitable - that no one "gets out alive." But let's be real - most people don't die when they expect to and in today's day and age, leaving this world without a plan for distribution of your assets is a recipe for financial disaster.

A Will protects your assets and helps minimize chances of a contest over your estate. If you die without one, your estate will be distributed according to a strict legal formula and not as you may have wished. For example, reltives you may wish to have disinherited may be entitled to a portion of your estate. If you are married with young children, your property will be divided between your spouse and children, even though your wishes may have been otherwise. And, any children who receive a portion of your estate, will receive ALL of their inheritance when they reach the age of 18 - WITHOUT RESTRICTION! Most importantly, a will which designates a fiduciary (Executor) and allows that person to serve without bond, can save your estate, and loved ones thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense.

A well thought out estate plan can minimize the pain and anguish associated with the fighting between relatives when there is no clear direction. A plan may eliminate or at least reduce taxes imposed by the federal and state governments.

As a New Jersey will attorney, I am fully committed to assisting you and your family with the creation and administration of your will, living wills, medical powers of attorney, and a designation of health care representatives.

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