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As a highly successful New Jersey child support attorney long-established in Bergen County, New Jersey, I am fully qualified to assist you to understand the various intricacies of Child Support.  I provide services on a one to one basis and with dedication unsurpassed by any other New Jersey child support lawyer or Hackensack, New Jersey child support attorney.

Child Support in the Hackensack, Bergen and Passaic County, New Jersey Areas

I bring almost three decades of experience as a Bergen County, New Jersey child support lawyer to the table, helping children and their families move forward after divorce and/or separation.

Child support is the amount of money one parent agrees or is ordered to pay the other to care for the basic needs of their children. A child support order is determined by a formula that has been established by the Court and uses the parents’ income levels, the amount of parenting time and other factors to arrive at a support figure. Let’s face it, when it comes to children, there should be no wiggle room for who takes care of them after a separation, or when marriage or domestic partnership ends.

But the reality is that many parents evade their responsibility for providing support; others simply can’t or won’t agree to who should pay support and how much. This is where the courts come in, and why a New Jersey child support attorney is needed.

As an experienced and tenacious New Jersey child support attorney, you can rely upon my three decades of experience in family law to help you wade through the process of child support negotiations. My experience as a tough New Jersey child support lawyer can help you reduce the time and legal expenses involved in the determination of child support, no matter where you are in the process of a divorce or legal separation, or are seeking support from an unmarried partner.

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